Visionary Leader Group Coaching

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Discover your leadership superpowers (aka your strengths) and how you apply them to help your company or team thrive. Move beyond being a proficient manager and become a true rock star leader.

The Visionary Leader Group Coaching brings leaders together to share experiences, challenges, and opportunities with their peers; and create solutions together.  This six week leadership coaching cohort provides you and your peers with the support of a professional leadership coach, who will challenge you to explore, hold you accountable, and apply what learn in your day-to-day work.

This isn’t some generic “leadership theory” webinar. You’ll work hard and be expected to bring your whole self. You’ll develop tangible actions that creatively utilize your strengths to achieve your leadership goals. Through engaging group exercises, coaching, and weekly intentions, you will develop a deeper understanding of your unique capabilities, build a results-oriented plan toward your desired impact, and gain the confidence to be a visionary leader.

Who is Visionary Leader Group Coaching for?

Visionary Leader group coaching will have the greatest benefit to individuals in leadership or people management roles. This includes:

  • Startup founders and CEOs
  • First-time people managers
  • High potential, rising talent

Cohorts are arranged by role and experience, so you will be interacting with peers.

Program Topics, Outcomes, & Benefits

  • Identifying your top leadership talents and strengths (you’ll receive a full strengths assessment report)
  • Leveraging your unique strengths to increase individual performance, team performance, and operational efficiency
  • Developing strategies to manage your inner critic to reduce interference
  • Becoming a transformational, visionary leader

Program Details

  • Meet weekly on Fridays for one hour
  • Six week commitment
  • Additional 1:1 “tune up” coaching as needed
  • 4-6 participants in similar management roles per cohort
  • Ongoing access to discounted professional coaching and free alumni events

$900 $700 – early registration discount through August 21, 2020

Next Steps and Application
The next cohort begins September 11, 2020. If you’re interested or want to learn more, schedule a 30 minute 1:1 meeting with Anthony. During that conversation, we’ll discuss the personal or professional outcomes you hope to achieve and if this program is a good fit.