People seek coaching when they need a navigator for their journey. I cannot give you the answers but I can help you discover the answers. I will provide you with the guidance and tools to help you figure out how to address your challenges and grow as a leader, and then I will offer continuous support as you are on that journey.

I coach individuals across diverse industries and in a variety of roles who want to thrive as authentic, empathetic, and visionary leaders. You bring your authentic self and a commitment to growth mindset, and throughout our coaching partnership, you will develop the confidence to learn, develop, and grow as a leader.

My Coaching Methodologies

As an Academy of Creative Leadership Certified Leadership Coach , a member of the International Coach Federation, and as someone who has studied, researched, and written about social justice and inclusion, I utilize proven strengths-based and cultural competence methodologies in my work to guide you towards deeper self-awareness and change.

Strengths-based coaching supports people’s greatest talents and how they most naturally think, feel and behave. But too often, people take their talents for granted. When people can capitalize on their talents, they are more capable, confident, happy, hopeful and authentic. Strengths-based development can help people recognize and develop their talents and strengths — and appreciate others’ strengths too.

Culturally competent coaching helps leaders at all levels of an organization to strengthen their understanding of their cultural identity and its impact on their professional environments, community, and the world. A culture of equity and inclusion builds a supportive environment for all and motivates leaders to engage fully in difficult conversations around identity, justice, diversity, inclusion, and human dignity.

Coaching Engagements and Measuring Success

Coaching engagements vary, but average three to twelve months, depending on the transformations you are looking to make. We’ll spend our first session getting to know one another and help me understand what brought you to where you are. We’ll discuss your goals and the transformations you want to make going forward. We will gain clarity on what success looks like for our partnership and develop a plan to reach your goals.

Coaching Model visual. Text reads Clarify what they need or want to accomplish. Create a plan for how to get there and what success looks like. Check and chart progress. Correct the course as needed. Celebrate success.

My approach is focused yet flexible – intentional while remaining open to what comes up along the way. While coaching is not a linear process, our coaching agreement and regular check-ins and review will ensure we’re moving toward the intended outcomes. I will facilitate you through custom materials and self assessment activities to help you identify what speaks to you. We’ll use this information to help you clarify and understand your self as a leader.

Some goals that I have worked with past clients on include:

  • Cultivating executive presence
  • Growing as an authentic and empathetic leader
  • Building your cultural competence to be an inclusive leader
  • Being a confident LGBTQ leader
  • Leveraging strengths to improve team performance
  • Managing your inner critic to reduce interference
  • Building capacity to communicate vision and strategic priorities
  • Developing an action plan for career growth or transitions
  • Managing conflict and not shying away from difficult conversations

If you are interested in coaching or want to learn more, schedule a complementary consultation with me!